Hope Blooms~

Magnificent late-blooming flowers in Southern California. taken by Cindy Knoke.

Christmas Blooms,

opened a month late,

on January 20th, 2021.

As if to celebrate,

new leadership for the USA.

Hope delayed,

blooms and grows.

Cheers to you from The Holler’s late bloomers~

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Saying “Ook?”

Sue is learning to accept her new appearance and be philosophical about it.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My younger son considered the view as I raised the scarf with which I cover the near-naked skin of my scalp. There are but a few wispy strands of fluff and the stubborn remnants of the Tintin-esque fringe with which to cover my baldness. I am not one of those fortunate females on whom it looks like a style choice. Knowing Alex fairly well after a lifetime of being ‘Mum’, I could see both the unspoken grief as he registered the lingering effects of chemotherapy and the twitch of amusement.

We went with the latter.

“You look like an orangutan…”


“I like orangutans,” he added, hopefully, as if that might appease my wounded maternal vanity.

Orangutan from public domain pictures 17907 at Pixabay (Image: Pixabay

“He’s right,” said his older brother the following day, critically assessing the image on the screen during a video call. The son with whom I shared a love of the Discworld books…

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Grace on Wings~

The graceful American Avosets in Southern California’s the Salton Sea.

The Salton Sea in Southern California lies 227 feet below sea level. It is the largest lake in California and shelters at various times of the year, half of the variety of bird species found in the United States. Millions of birds visit the sea annually.

American Avocets get their name from the Italian word ‘avosetta,’ which means graceful.

They are slender waders that feed mainly on crustaceans and insects.

Avocets used to be widespread across the United States,

but the species was killed off in much of it’s eastern range by the early 1900’s.

The Salton Sea is a critical habitat for these, and many other bird species, but the sea is shrinking due to climate change and increased human demands for water. Efforts are underway to help save the sea and the birds that rely on it. Time will tell if these efforts will be enough.

Cheers to…

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The inconvenient walking dead… III #COVID #cancer #carers #lockdown

The Inconvenient Walking Dead, Part 3 by Sue Vincent.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image of cartoon Angry bird about to blow Artwork by deviantART artist Scooterek

Following on from posts One and Two:

“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free

to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Last spring when we went into lockdown and we were encouraged not to burden our doctors, I did not take my concerns to the surgery… and lost six months of potentially treating a now untreatable cancer. Now we are back in lockdown again, with the unconvincing prospect of everything being alright again once the vaccine has been fully distributed. We might, suggest the government, if enough people have the vaccine, even be able to begin lifting restrictions in mid-March.

At my last appointment on New Year’s Eve, the oncologist gave me three to six months. It is, I know, just a ‘guesstimate’ based on experience. He could be wrong, it might be longer… but it…

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The inconvenient walking dead… II #COVID #cancer #carers

The Inconvenient Walking Dead, Part 2. by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Angry bird cartoon on IV drip Artwork by deviantART artist Scooterek

Continuing from yesterday’s post…

A few days after speaking to my GP and before the hospital referral process could kick in, both I and one of my lungs collapsed. I was lucky to have my friend with me at the time, otherwise, I would not now be here writing this.

I was admitted to hospital. Worryingly, via the resuscitation suite.

Once on the ward, they drained a massive build-up of fluid from around my heart and lungs, by the simple expedient of sticking a needle through my back and into the fluid. Not exactly comfortable, but it gave me instant relief from the months of back pain.

They also did a needle biopsy in the CT scanner. The needle is not precisely fine, they do not put you to sleep and if they have to wriggle the needle once inserted into the lung, it does…

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The inconvenient walking dead…  #COVID #cancer #carers

Inconvenient Walking Dead, Part I by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

image of cartoon angry bird injured Artwork by deviantART artist Scooterek

I am not a happy bunny, more of an angry bird, and I am going to say so, regardless of how much subtle and not-so-subtle pressure has been applied in various areas to encourage us all to be nice, obedient, quiet bunnies. Given the short space of time I apparently have left to live, my right to freedom of speech is one I feel I should exercise…and even the government encourages us to exercise, after all…

Some of you know the background to what I want to highlight and I apologise for repeating myself. For those who are not regular readers… let me fill you in on the story so far… and if I tell it in some detail, it is because unless you have been or know a carer, you are probably unaware of all that entails. And because, even here, I cannot give…

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Arctic Desert Denizens~

Arctic birds that fly south for the winter.

More than a million snow geese migrate to California each year.

They have been following this same migration pattern,

for millennia.

They come from Russia, Alaska and Canada.

Over 30,000 of them winter at The Salton Sea in Southern California.

It is always disconcerting,

to see thousands of these arctic birdies,

sunning in the desert.

Sandhill cranes from Canada soak up the sun here too.

Cheers to you from the arctic desert birdies~

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