Difficult Roads

This is true.

Orlando Espinosa

Sometimes traveling through difficult roads will lead to beautiful destination.

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Dear General, You Owe An Apology to Rep. Wilson, A Public Servant Since 1998

Facts have become scrambled and things need to be straightened out, to say the least. It would seem Gen. Kelly said things in haste he should have checked out first. He was too close to this subject and let his feelings lead instead of his wisdom. He indeed needs to apologize. Let’s hope he realizes this and does so. Members of the press have a right to ask questions whether or not they’ve known someone who died in battle. —- Suzanne

Gronda Morin

On background:

Around 10/18/17, The President and General Kelly did not know that Rep. Wilson (D-FL) had been  a long -time friend of the family. This explains why she was riding in the limousine with Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Myeshia and her two children. They were on the way to collect the body of their loved one, when the president called. The call was placed on the speaker system and this is how Rep. Wilson overheard the president’s conversation. There was nothing surreptitious in her actions.

Rep. Wilson publicly shared how the president’s in-artful comments had upset the grieving widow. Mrs. Johnson was not receptive to the president’s words, along the lines, that her deceased husband knew what he was signing up for when he chose to serve. It bothered her that he never referred to her husband by his name.

This story escalated after the US Congresswoman Frederica…

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Update on the cancer front:

Both and problem and good news for Kawanee.

Thursday I had to go do a pre-op consult with the plastic surgeon. I drove nearly 2 hrs and I’d hoped to have some answers, to be reassured, more informed and have a date for the surgery.

No answers from the doctor. Gigantic waste of time and money, all he said was: If I do the surgery, I’m going to make a much bigger hole because I don’t have the ability to check the margins so I’ll go bigger.

Good news: He explained that it won’t affect the tear duct, and probably not the muscles that make my eye blink but if it did, that’s where he would come in.
Still waiting to find out when the procedure will be, I know it’s across the street in the cancer institute and if he’s needed then he can do the close and reconstruction.
I mentioned that I lose…

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How to Collect Writing Ideas While You’re Procrastinating Online

Helpful advice for keeping information.

K. D. Dowdall

  Melissa Donovan  writes, “I love the web. In fact, I think it’s the single greatest invention of the twentieth century. It allows people to meet, connect, conduct business, and gather information quickly and easily, all from the comfort of…well, anywhere. It’s also an entertainment mecca. All that art! Music! Films! Literature! And games. The web is an enormous resource center, playground, and time suck.”

Distractions Abound Online

Distractions affect everybody, but writers are especially susceptible. As we sit crafting our prose, sometimes the muse escapes us and we’re tempted to venture away from our writing to find her again. The strongest among us will be able to resist the alluring pull of the Internet’s dazzling distractions. But most of us, in moments of great weakness and in times of desperate procrastination, will succumb to the clicking, often forgetting about the muse completely.

Now, I’m not going to encourage anyone…

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Dear General Kelly, You’re A Military Hero Who May Have Rushed To Judgment About Rep. Wilson

Why the U.S. population has a right to know what’s going on.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photo of president and general kelly

Dear General John Kelly,

Your words to the public on October 19, 2017 were stirring and crucially timed to touch the hearts of Americans who rarely have contact with military families.

The vast majority of “we the people” think of you as a man of integrity, honor , decency, with a sense of appropriate decorum. We will always be grateful for your service to our country, especially during these troubled times. If there is one institution that most of us still maintain a level of trust in, it is our US military.

If somehow, you ever made a misstep, most of us would give you the benefit of the doubt because you have earned our respect and trust. Unfortunately, we don’t all feel the same about your boss, President Donald Trump.

However, even the bravest of generals can commit a fubar.

Here is what you may not know about the…

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Image Copyrights: The Video

Information we should all know.


image copyrightsOne of my most popular posts turned out to be about Image Copyright Do’s and Don’ts. I thought I’d follow it up with a slideshow I share in one of my classes on that topic. Images can make a post but they can also break you if done wrong! I’ll embed the slideshow but I’ll also go through it to explain each slide. I hope this clarifies some of the issues that aren’t at all obvious when using images:

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The Better Man …

A comparison to be made.

Filosofa's Word

It seems to me that it is highly unbecoming, unprofessional and undignified behaviour for a leader of a nation to threaten his political antagonists.  But then, ‘professional’ and ‘dignified’ are not words that I have ever heard or considered applied to Donald Trump.  Earlier, I posted John McCain’s speech upon acceptance of the Liberty Medal on Monday evening.  The day after McCain’s speech, Donald Trump had this to say:

“Yeah, well, I hear it. And people have to be careful because at some point I fight back. I’m being very nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point, I fight back, and it won’t be pretty.”

This, my friends, is how the man sitting in the White House, the highest and most revered position in the United States government, speaks of a member of his own party, a man who is a war hero and who just received…

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