I like people and am old enough to have seen a lot of life.  Our children are grown and independent so a lot of times they don’t want advice.  I give it if I feel they want it, try to be a good listener, try not to judge because God told us that’s His job and know not everyone thinks the way I do.  I’m not a professional at giving advice but I like to help people when I can with granny-type advice.  If I feel I can’t advise about something and/or don’t have the knowledge, I tell them to look it up or ask an expert on the subject.  But to get advice you have to ask.

When our daughter was in high school she told me a teacher she had didn’t like anyone to ask questions.  Now I was a primary teacher for years and I told her,  “That’s what the teacher is there for!”  A teacher who only lectures practices the poorest type of teaching.  You can’t get away with that when you teach First or Second Grade (called Standard in some countries).

I try to use common sense because I believe God gave it to us to use and will help us when we do use it.  He may even ask us one day why we didn’t.  It’s a gift and meant to be used like other gifts.

There are a great many lonely people in the world with no one to talk to.  I think that some of these troubled people commit crimes because there’s no one to listen and talk them out of it.  There are a great many doers in the world today and not enough listeners.  That’s very sad.  Of course I realize there are some troubled people who need professional help, care and/or medication.

I’ll stumble along on my own trying to find interesting subjects for my blogs, but if anyone has a suggestion I welcome them to comment and I’ll consider it.  Please don’t be rude, nasty, etc.  Please remember I’m old enough to be someone’s mother and/or grandmother.  Picture an older (that always sounds better than old and I’m still a distance from 80) lady with greying hair and arthritis.

If you’re wondering what life is all about, I sincerely believe that God placed each of us in this time and place to perform some task for Him, to love and help others .  Maybe some of us are only able to pray or offer up our pain to God to help others.  When we finally meet Him we’ll understand what our special task was.  Until then, we’re like the little child who sees his/her mother’s embroidery from underneath and all he/she can see is a mass of tangled threads.  Finally, the loving mother takes the child into her lap and shows him or her the finished piece from above.  There the child sees the beautiful design.

Merry (or as they say in India, Happy) Christmas to all of you.

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