The Day After Christmas, etc. By P.S. Joshi

It’s the day after Christmas and I hope everyone had a good one.  Although my husband’s still in the hospital, hopefully he can come home soon.  Our son’s coming tomorrow and is going to talk to the doctor.  Our daughter and some family members and friends phoned, and a couple of friends came to visit, so I call that a good Christmas as I don’t get out much due to severe arthritis and sciatica.

I told one friend from church whowas amazed how much I accomplish even though I’m physically limited, “You do what you have to do.”  I’m blessed here in India with a good support system.  It’s a mixture of family, friends and employees.  Being in India, I pay for much of the help because I need it and they need the money which I’m blessed to be able to afford.

One person I’m not going to identify is critical of the way I had my husband hospitalized, but then she didn’t have to put up with his behavior when he was un-medicated.  He was being a danger to himself and I was forced to do something at the time.  I’m a realist, she refuses to face reality and I can’t help it.  That’s her problem, not mine.  I don’t go looking for a quarrel, but when she goes up against me, she’s going up against a tough woman who’s seen more years and battled more of life’s problems than she has and has developed a shell she’s not going to easily overcome.

Many people see me as just a sweet older woman, but there’s more to me than that and they find out if they test me.  My children know that and other’s find it out to their surprise.  I pray and then forge ahead and live by the Bible verse, “If God is for us, who is against us.” (Rom 8:31).  I think that’s a good way to live as it works for me with God’s help.  His opinion is the only one I care about.

I told my children when they were younger, “Not everyone is going to like you.  As long as you have some good friends, your family and your health, don’t worry about it.”  It’s seemed to work for them.

Since this is the season of peace, I thought I’d end with a little poem of mine.  I don’t expect to win any awards for my poetry, but I enjoy writing it.  It expresses what I think and that’s all I expect of it.

The Blessed Dell

Please tell me there’s a blessed dell

Where neighbor-loving people dwell;

No hatred, greed or corruption rules,

And judgements are not made by fools.

Take me to where green growth prevails,

And filth does not dishonor trails;

Where infants live and healthy grow,

And fear of war they never know.

Take me to where we’re free to think

And water runs that’s fit to drink;

Where we don’t need our weapons near,

And so can sleep devoid of fear.

Is this place only in my dreams?

Is it as distant as it seems?

Or can it one day still come true?

The answer’s left to me and you.

P.S. Joshi

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