The New Year Begins by P.S. Joshi

A Happy New Year to everyone reading this. I haven’t been able to write a post for this blog for a while because our son arrived in India, visited the hospital the next day and brought his dad home since he wasn’t satisfied with the care he was getting and his condition. Ajay was very weak and was having trouble with incontinence. All his clothes were sent home dirty. We couldn’t let the hospital know ahead that he was coming home because of the quick decision on our son’s part. He thought his dad would be better off at home with someone from a home health care provider here during the day. The problem we face is that many of those people don’t speak sufficient English to understand me as I speak only English and I’m going to be the person they’re working for.  We have family members and friends looking for someone while meanwhile making due on our own.  We’re interviewing as I write this.

In the meantime our son is also trying to get legal matters involving the flat, plus matters concerning the banking, straightened out. His name is on both our accounts to inherit when we’re deceased. He’s getting frustrated with the paperwork and time it takes to process things here. People living here are used to the delays but also get frustrated.

He took Ajay to another hospital to get tests made and a physical exam but found they wouldn’t accept either a check or his credit card. They wanted cash, so he had to leave his dad at the hospital and look for the nearest ATM that would accept his U.S. debit card. The next day was New Year’s Day so the tests weren’t ready then, yesterday or today so he has to check with the hospital again tomorrow. Our son suffers from high blood pressure and all these complications aren’t helping.

One of the reasons I’m behind with this blog and my email is that he’s been using my computer to do a lot of typing, scanning and printing. He’s a Law Librarian, so understands legal matters and so hopes he can avoid hiring a lawyer.

He’s been updating me internet-wise.  I’ve been using a flash drive to connect with the internet and he contacted a local company who came yesterday and installed broadband for me. Now we’ve had an electrician install a number of new switches and outlets. The electrician wanted to replace the wiring in the whole flat, but we vetoed that as I don’t want plaster dust everywhere at this time. That may come later since this flat was built in the early 70’s and could no doubt use all new wiring.

It’s been some time since our son was last in India so he brought a bunch of family photos on a memory stick and made a file on my computer so I could just click on it and bring them up.  Since there was some memory left on the stick, he copied my files onto it too so they’re saved from extermination in case of a computer malfunction.   His wife and daughter stayed behind in the U.S. for this trip since it’s more for work than for pleasure. If the relatives want to meet with him they’ll have to let us know ahead and come here. He’s short for time to get everything accomplished and can’t run all over the city.  A couple of members of Ajay’s extended family have already come to visit. Plus, he has to help with his dad until we can get some hired help. He’s been great with Ajay since he has a lot of patience.  

We have to be satisfied as long as things are progressing slowly, but at least moving. We live in hope.

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