The Bell by P.S. Joshi


Photo by David Stewart

This is my story for Friday Fictioneers this week. It’s a weekly challenge to tell a story in 100 words that follows the picture prompt for the week. It’s hosted by the talented and gracious Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week the photo was supplied by David Stewart. Thanks David.


The big old dinner bell had hung outside Grandma and Grandpa’s country home for many years. It was there when I was born. After they died, Dad took it down to keep when we sold the place.

Grandpa told me Grandma would ring it to call him and their five kids to meals.

“Only thing is the dang thing sometimes rings in the middle of the night.” he told me. “It came from an old fire station.”

Dad hung it outside on our back porch and funny thing, by golly, sometimes the dang big, noisy, thing still rings at night.



67 thoughts on “The Bell by P.S. Joshi

    • Thank you for reading and commenting on my story. I guess with so many people writing about the same photo that’s bound to happen once in a while. It’s actually amazing to me how many different types of stories are written with one picture. prompt.


    • Thank you for reading my story and commenting on it. I probably wouldn’t have put it up either, but people in stories always do things like that. The dad might also have ignored the possibility of anything spooky. He might have been in denial.


  1. Thanks for reading my story and commenting on it. A brisk wind could account for the ringing sometimes, but apparently Grandpa didn’t think that was always the case. His son wasn’t worried; probably that was because no harm came to his parents from this bell with a mind of its own.


  2. I can see it would be annoying to have the bell ringing in the middle of the night, but the characters seemed to also feel a strong connection to the past through that bell. I loved the warm mood you’ve created here, Patricia.


    • Thanks for reading my story and commenting, Karen.I guess since it never caused problems for the grandparents, the family doesn’t worry about it. They’re willing to put up with it ringing at night once in a while. They feel warmth toward it because of the family connection.


  3. Patricia, I’m glad someone went with the dinner bell theme. I thought on it and couldn’t seem to pull any dinner-bell stories together. This is nice. Reminds me of the big bell that hung in the grape arbor at my Great-Grandma’s house. That one would sometimes ring in the middle of the night because of storms that chased across the Kansas Flint Hills.

    Thanks for the memories!

    Marie Gail


    • Thanks for reading my story and commenting on it. It probably is a ghost that travels with the bell. Some readers think it’s Grandma. It could also be a past fireman’s ghost since it originally came from a fire station.


    • Thanks for reading my story and commenting on it, Joanna. I guess I could make a mystery out of it couldn’t I? I’m glad you enjoyed it. Probably these days a lot of people would be disappointed if the boy “didn’t” turn out to be a werewolf.


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