4 thoughts on “A Call for Prayers

    • This was a prayer that I reblogged. The original gave the explanation at the bottom that it was a prayer suitable for the families and people involved in the tragic missing plane MH370 which disappeared recently in the East. The “we” means that people are all called upon to pray as if in a group for others as we are all the people of one world. Often people are gathered together to pray as a group, and this is for a virtual gathering. It can be prayed as a group or individually, but is written as a group prayer.


  1. I was just commenting on the “we hold before God” as being strange. Who are we to hold anything before God? But certainly our prayers are with the families of those missing in the latest airplane crash and those in sorrow.


    • When it’s said “we hold before God”, this is just another way of saying “we are praying for”. We bring up the subject of our prayer. Surely God knows what we’re are praying for even before we say the words, but as in the psalms, we mention what we want, as prayer is a conversation with God. Jesus left those who came to be healed ask what they wanted even though he knew what it was. Thank you for your interest and your prayers.


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