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Here we are once more gathered in the virtual front room of our gracious and talented hostess, author and artist, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. We’re here to share our original stories for the weekly meeting of Friday Fictioneers. Our challenge is to write a story with no more than 100 words. It’s supposed to include a beginning, middle, end, and follow the picture prompt supplied for the week. The prompt this week is supplied by Janet Webb. Thanks Janet.

Genre:  Horror Fantasy

Word Count:  100 Words


Terrifying dreams haunted Marjorie the last few nights. First came the tap at the bathroom window, next the moan. She was looking in the mirror when the window started to rise. Then the dream stopped and she woke, covered with sweat.

She was now alone since her husband’s death. Her fear increased, but she hesitated to tell anyone about the dreams for fear they’d laugh and think her foolish.

On Sunday evening she’d come home from her book club meeting. As she checked her hair in the bathroom mirror, there was a tap at the window, then a low moan.


36 thoughts on “THE WINDOW

  1. After seeing the movie “The Exorcist”…a long time ago…I could not bring myself to look into a mirror for fear of seeing the devil. Of course I’ve gotten over it, but I can never, ever watch that devilish film again. Good storytelling, Susan…


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