Calling all Minions!

Good short reads while waiting in the doctor’s office, on subway, etc.

Adam Ickes

Calling All Minions, Flash Fiction Fanatics, Monsters, Freaks, Horror Hounds, Misfits, Hobbits, Trolls, Ne’er-Do-Wellers, Thieves, Witches, Demons, Timeless Evils, Grossly Incompetent Robots, Monkeys of All Shapes and Varieties, One Penguin Named Carl McFlappins the Third, A Handful of Impish Gnomes, Two Pickles, A Basket of Ham Sandwiches, A Very Large Blue Ox who Roams Around With a Guy Named Paul, and You.

How are you all doing today, my wonderful minions?

Have I mentioned how amazing you look? Top notch, I must say. Did you get a haircut? It looks fabulous.

Ok, ok, you caught me. I’ll stop sucking up now, even though you are awesome. Really. You are.

I need you. Yes, you. No, no, not the one in the back with his/her finger in his/her nose. On second thought: yeah, I’ll take you too. The more the merrier.

Let’s just get right to the heart of the matter…


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