…Author’s Christmas sales?… ANY day’s sales are a gift!…

Good gifts for the holidays.

Seumas Gallacher

…there seems to be no end of hyper-activity on the internet promotional channels for Authors and their ‘people’ pushing for ‘Christmas sales’ of their masterpieces… I grant yeez that books do make great presents, not just during the Christmas Season and Birthdays, but at any time… and having been plying my own stuff for the last few years on the Great God Amazon eBooks gig, I did the same thing in the first coupla years… and d’yeez know what?… there was no discernible difference from the norm in sales/drawdowns … don’t get me wrong… there’s never a badtime to market yer literary wares… all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who honour me by following this blog will be aware that I do it all the time (nicely, I hope)… but the advent of the Big-Woolly-White-Bearded-Lad-In-The-Red-Tunic-With-The-Reindeer-Huskies Day has not yet been a force in my promo campaigns…


…the gift…

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