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This is my contribution to Monday’s Finish the Story for this week. Every Monday a new picture prompt is given along with the first sentence to be used for the story. The story is to be written with only 100-150 additional words. I’ve bolded the first sentence given with the picture prompt.ย The challenge is hosted by Barbara Beacham and the prompt has been supplied by her.ย The link to read all the other stories is as follows:

Word Count: 150 + 11

THE GAME By P.S. Joshi

“They say that life is a game of chess…”

Every Sunday Ralph Damund went to the Canfield Home For the Elderly to play chess with one of the men guests.

Today he was playing with a man who called himself Chris. He was a big man with a snowy beard and full head of hair to match. Friendly, with a great sense of humor, he seemed more interested in Ralph than the game.

“It’s almost Christmas son,” Chris said. “What is it you want more than anything else?”

Ralph hung his head. “Heck I just lost my job at the garage, and I’ve been helping out my parents and little brother. I just want food and something for the kid. Might be a sad Christmas.”

Chris smiled. “You might be surprised.”

Ralph thought to himself, “Easy for him to say.”

That evening Ralph got a call from his old boss. He wanted Ralph to come back.

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