This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction for January 11, 2015. Every Sunday a new picture prompt is given. The weekly challenge is to write an original story with no more than 200 words. It’s supposed to have a beginning, middle, end, and follow the picture prompt for the week. Be sure to click on the little blue frog in the blue box to read all the other stories.

The link for all other stories is as follows:

Genre: Β Speculative Fiction

Word Count: Β 200 Words


The 3-masted schooner was moored at the Whitby port. It was delivering cargo from the Balkans, one item of which some Londoners would never forget. Others, if they heard rumors, wouldn’t believe them. It was too horrible to believe, to far beyond comprehension.

Below decks, with other goods of a more common variety, was an ancient coffin with a single bodyguard. a strange, nervous little man. The Count had been busy. All but he and Renfield had been bled dry. It was now dark and time to leave.

Count Dracula would be exploring a new homeland, following a pull he felt after seeing the photo of a woman. It was not just any woman, but the one who had been the fiance of Renfield, the possessed man who was now his guard.

A former real estate agent, Renfield had bought an old estate where Count Dracula would make his new home. Now, at his master’s bidding, he hired delivery men.

Within hours of the ship’s arrival, the coffin had been brought to the manor house basement. For a second time, the Count had a hearty meal. The men delivering the coffin were never seen alive again; dead, but not alive

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24 thoughts on “SILENT CARGO

  1. Really fun story (especially if you like drinking blood). One factual detail: Whitby isn’t anywhere near London. And then a literary criticism if I may: no need to name the Count; let the reader come to that conclusion (show, not tell).


    • Thanks Eric. I’m so pleased you liked the story. Yes, dead bodies fall like autumn leaves around the Count. People must be in denial or too scared to look for him. I don’t know if I blame them. Where is Van Helsing when you need him? πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

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