Musicians trapped in a painting

Copyright: Barbara W. Beacham

This is my weekly contribution to Monday’s Finish the Story, hosted by Barbara Beacham. Every Monday, Barb supplies a new picture prompt along with the first sentence to be used for the story. The original story to be written should have only 100 to 150 additional words. The title doesn’t add to the word count. I’ve bolded the first sentence given with the picture prompt. Be sure to click on the little blue frog in the blue box to read the other stories.

The link for all the other stories is as follows:

Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 150+21+2=171 Words


Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves in a painting. The small band left behind many friends and family members who wondered what happened.

The disappeared were Nathaniel Pitching who played the snare drum, Zechariah Knavelthorpe who played the tuba, Ely Twitchickle who played the air horn, and Humbert Thinkin who played the trumpet.

Buddy Pitching never got tired of hearing the story about the strange event. “Mom, tell me again how Grandpa just disappeared one day.”

“Well,” said his mother, “the band members decided to celebrate their ten years together by having a picture taken. They went to the studio and no one’s heard of them since. All that was found was the painting that’s hanging on the hallway wall. It’s an odd painting, because there are no brushstrokes.”

Buddy went and examined the painting again.

As he leaned closer, he thought he heard a tiny voice say, “Help.”

The figures seemed to have changed positions. That was creepy.

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  1. I thought your strongest line in the above story was this one: “Mom, tell me again how Grandpa just disappeared one day.”

    If you reorganized the writing to end on that line, and maybe limit the detail of what happened, I think it would give the mystery more power. But, I did love all the names of the performers. Very clever that.


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