Five Star Treatment – The Queen’s Envoy by Lord David Prosser

Well-written and humorous books by a really good writer and a lovely and caring person.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life


Saturday mornings it is my opportunity to select books that I would like to showcase written by fellow bloggers who keep me motivated and are so supportive of me and my work.  Today David M. Prosser whose hugs can cheer the dullest day and who never fails to leave a positive and encouraging comment.


About the Book
This is the prequel to My Barsetshire Diary. After inheriting his Title, Lord David little realised he would also inherit a job. After all, he’d just retired. But this job was as an unofficial envoy to HMG and could he turn it down? He’s a fish out of water groping his way from situation to situation with a hint of desperation but with all the aplomb and stiff upper lip he can muster. Will he cope with all that life throws at him and all the women that seem intent on compromising him?

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