…new… University crash courses in Author-ology and Blogger-ology…

This is truly hilarious. 😀

Seumas Gallacher

…today, I’ve sent a whoosh of messages to the Oxford and Cambridge Universities Boards of Governors recommending the addition of new, eclectic courses of education to reflect the reality of modern day publishing… the WURLD is changing, and no more rapidly than in the fields of scribbling endeavour… if the planet is to continue to savour literary masterpieces a la Chuck Dickens, Billy Shakespeare and that wee Rowling lassie, a new approach to the quill-scraping industry is required immediately, if not sooner, Mabel… and if the Governors need any guidance, and are looking for ‘insider’ pointers, then I’m yer Huckleberry… more specific details may be had on application with the usual postal order for expenses to this ol’ Jurassic, but here’s a flavour of what yeez can expect from my proposed curricula:

Author-ology Course, to cover:

–elemental distinction between ‘Pantsers’ and ‘Plotters’…

–how to re-fill the…

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