I feel very grateful to have been awarded the Tour Through Blogland Award by Seumas Gallacher, a star in Blogland. I don’t have much room on my little blog, but who could turn down an award from Seumas.                       


He’s not only a seccessful businessman, but has successfully published a self-help book on self-publishing, Self-publishing Steps To Successful Sales, and three thriller novels: The Violin Man’s Legacy, Vengeance Wears Black, and Savage Payback. He’s now working on a fourth thriller, Killer City.

Besides his writing, he finds time to not only write his blog, but is active on the social networks and does active marketing for his books, giving advice to other writers as well.

Seumas was born in the Docklands Govan neighborhood of Glasgow, Scotland, and often writes of it in his blog. He now makes his home in the Middle East.

His outstanding, humorous, and informative blog, which he began only in 2012, is filled not only with information for writers, but interviews and awards for authors in Blogland. Thank you, Seumas.


Rules for “A Tour Through Blogland”

1. Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers.

2. Give them the rules.

3. Tell the world about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspries you to do what you do.

4. The last part of A Tour Through Blogland, if you so choose, is to write a one-time article which can be posted in the same post in which you shared about your work or at a later date. The article can be anything of your choosing.

Bloggers I Nominate

…I have the pleasure to nominate the following bloggers:

David Prosser is an excellent writer and has one of one of the best senses of humor I’ve experienced. It’s gentle, but draws you in. As Lord David Prosser, he’s written books about the British upper class and their everyday problems, and a children’s book, originally meant for his little grandson, Reuben. He also writes a blog that makes you feel as though you’re there with him every day of the week, and another describing his views on the way people should treat each other. You can find all this information at his web address:

Hugmamma, the name she goes by in her blog, is an excellent writer who writes on various subjects, often about her family members. She and her family are proud Hawaiians and she often writes of it.  She also reblogs to give exposure to other bloggers and does book reviews. You can find her blog at the web address:

Lockard Young, or Lockie, his nickname, is a western Canadian who writes on a variety of topics. His writing is thorough and excellent. He recently released his latest middle grade reader, The Legend Returns, a sequal to Ryan’s Legend. He earlier described in detail the tremendous suffering and trial he went through when he lost a leg due to infection. He then told of his ordeal in adjusting to his artificial leg. Lockie can be found at his blog address:

My Creative Process

I began blogging a couple years ago. My daughter was visiting here in India from the U.S., and she helped me set up the blog. She incouraged me to write as she’s a writer for her comedy stand-up routines in Chicago where she acts for the Second City Theatre Company.

I began by simply blogging and writing experiences I’d had in India, including poetry. I then learned about Friday Fictioneers’ Flash Fiction and started writing stories for that group, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I now also write stories for Monday’s Finish the Story flash ficiton group hosted by Barbara W. Beacham.

As I’ve written, I’ve tried to educate myself on the many rules of writing. There are a number of helpful blogs and books to learn from.

I’ve read other blogs by writers and gotten to know them by commenting. One of them was the excellent blog of Seumas Gallacher who nominated me for this award as well as the Written Acts of Kindnesss Award.

I’ve read many other blogs including the ones I’ve chosen for this award.  Also I’ve joined some of the social networks. Besides flash fiction, I’m also working on a memoir of my childhood through high school. I think all the bloggers out there deserve an award for being creative. Thank you all.



Written  Act of Kindness Awardtour-through-blogland-21


  1. Thank you so much Suzanne for the honour you do me by this nomination. I really have to try and do something about all my outstanding awards but there just seems so little time these days.
    You’re far too kind in all the nice things you say but please don’t stop saying them.


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