…Authors, ALL yeez have to do on ‘How To Be The Most Successful Author’… EVER…

Seumas, I can’t resist. I’m reblogging this on Musings On Life & Experience. 😀

Seumas Gallacher

best seller

…piece of cake this writing gig… yeez just follow a few ROOLS, and hey presto, ye’re a bestseller with ginormous film contracts!… right?… wrong!… when this ol’ Jurassic was up to his laptop in scribbling the first ever Jack Calder crime thriller six years ago, little thought (read, ‘no thought’) entered my head during the scribbling of the thing as to what happens when yeez type ’the end’ on it… once the pink cloud of having actually finished the masterpiece receded marginally, then and only then did thoughts turn to becoming the WURLD’s next gazillion-copies seller, like that wee Rowling lassie… however, matching the likes of she, Lee Child, James Patterson, and Tom Clancy proved a tad more complicated than just banging the precious manuscript off to supposed drooling Agents and Publishers in London… after a while, the notion dawned— this success thing is more like solving the…

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