Smorgasbord Health – Prescription Medication and your safety.

Thanks, Sally, for this vital information.

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April 7th was designated as World Health Day and this year the theme was food safety which is of course a subject of great interest to me. The focus was on the over 200 diseases caused by unsafe food containing parasites, harmful bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants. Also on the fact that it is estimated that 2 million people worldwide die from contaminated food or drinking water.

The problem with looking at any of the many health issues on a global scale is that we tend to minimise our contribution to those statistics. Whilst the focus for World Health Day was on unsafe food and water we encounter, there are other products that we ingest that can cause us harm if not carefully regulated.

Today I am going to be looking at prescription medication and whilst I am going to give you some overall figures for the UK it…

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