Flowers in bloom.

Copyright: Barbara W. Beacham

This is my weekly contribution to Monday’s Finish the Story, hosted by Barbara W. Beacham. Every Monday, Barbara supplies a new picture prompt along with the first sentence for the story. The original story to be written should have only 100 to 150 additional words. I’ve bolded the first sentence given with the picture prompt. Be sure to click on the little blue frog in the blue box, after clicking on the link, to read the other stories.

The link for all the other stories is as follows:

Genre: Crime Fiction

Word Count: 2+5+150=157 Words


“Are you laughing at me?”

He laid orchids on the table where I was sitting in the restaurant.

Laughing? I was scared half to death. He’d been following me for days. The police wouldn’t listen. After all, why should they. He was one of their own. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn’t listen.

I had dated him, but one night he slammed me to the floor, raped me, and spit on me when I screamed in pain.

His buddies on the local force said, “Well, Sal, how can we believe someone with a reputation like your’s? Brad’s a nice guy and wouldn’t hurt anybody. We’re surprised he’s interested in a woman like you. You should consider yourself lucky. Go tell someone who doesn’t know you.” They laughed at me.

That’s when I gave up on help from them. I bought a gun and practiced. I just hope I won’t have to use it.

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17 thoughts on “THE ORCHIDS

  1. A very strong story Suzanne ~ I feel so sorry for Sal the abused victim, who feels she has no-one to turn to for help~ I hope she doesn’t use the gun or her troubles will multiply ~ Well written ~ 🙂


  2. I know I should be commenting about the story but I noticed the 2+5+150=157 in the word count instead. I enjoyed this tale of yours. It was morbidly full of suspense and thrill.


    • Thanks, Frederick. For this prompt, the words in the title and first sentence don’t matter in the word count. There are supposed to be only as many as 150 or less words added for the story. Therefore, to show the total word count, I counted the 2 words in the title and 5 in the first sentence. With the 150 additional words, it came to a total of 157 words in all. I’m pleased you liked the story. — Suzanne

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