…you are never to go to that dark place, Simba… Spammerland… bad things happen there…

Come and join Seumas and the rest of us at the virtual launch of his latest thriller, “Killer City.”

Seumas Gallacher


…there’s a fine line between (ssshhhh…) ‘spamming’ and ‘acceptable self-promotion’ for yer literary masterpieces… I just LUV the internet and all the linkage with my fellow-scribblers, readers and assorted buddies, nutters and others, of which we seem to have a fair assortment… equally, I enjoy immensely broadcasting on behalf of others their own promotions for books, special events such as book signings, acquisition of publishers, and all the wunnerful stuff the business throws our way… I shamelessly indulge the SOSYAL NETWURKS in propagation of my own wee WURKS where appropriate… and therein hangs the pivotal WURD… ‘appropriate’… of late, I’m noticing an increase of people who ‘friend’, ‘follow’, ‘link’, whatever yeez wanna call it, and the very next message is a plea to buy their latest tomes… it doesn’t operate that way in my view… Lawd knows, the majority of us who write are keen to see our…

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