2 thoughts on “Touchy Feely Words…Infographic…

  1. Post Halloween I feel gelatinous. Suffering a fever I feel both fetid and scratchy. My brain feels stagnant and wobbly. Before reading your link, I was just feeling sick. I am now feeling worse, but in a much more descriptive fashion. Thanks…I think. (Oh, and your link looks ‘wonky’. You have to go to ‘original’ to view it.)


  2. Thanks, Kirizar. Sorry to hear that you don’t feel well, but glad if I helped you describe it better. 🙂 That link probobly doesn’t work well because of me changing the name on it to my real name instead of the one I used to sign up with WordPress. That’s going to continue to cause me trouble, but there’d be other trouble if I signed up for a new blog. I don’t have trouble with the writing groups I work with because they have a page of writers you can just click on and get the blog you want. You have to use your blog name to sign into them, so connection isn’t difficult. The avatar name I used to sign up for the blog was patricia ruth susan. At the time, I was under the false illusion I could hide my identity behind it, but found out that doesn’t usually work if someone wants to find you bad enough. I use P.S. Joshi as my pen name now. Those are my real first two initials and last name. 🙂 — Suzanne


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