Bottles-Sayjal Joshi

Photo Copyright: Sayjal Joshi

I’m writing this Drabble (100-word story) for the Festival of Drabbles 2015 hosted by Michael Brooks on his Facebook page:

and on his blog which is as follows:

I hope you enjoy the story, Suzanne Joshi.

 BOTTLES by P.S. Joshi

Grandma Fig collected frosted bottles of all shapes and sizes. Before dying, she asked for her granddaughter, Amaseena.

“Amaseena,” she whispered, “don’t take lids off the bottles. If there’s a serious drought, you can remove the lid of the large blue bottle.

Since then, Amaseena had been afraid of the bottles. The contents were murky, but at night eyes seemed to be peering out, except for the large, mysterious blue bottle.

A year came when there was a great drought. Amaseena took courage and got down the blue bottle. She carefully removed the lid, and it rained for one month.



Written Act of Kindness Award



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