Wordless Wednesday: It’s Veterans Day

Too many forget that we owe our freedom to them. — Suzanne

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Normandy American Cemetery
Location: American Cemetery, St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: It’s Veterans Day

  1. Most of us remember that our freedom came at a great price. Many of us had family at one or both the World Wars and saw losses. Many have been lost in subsequent wars. I remember them and honour them all.
    It’s time for peace now before we lose the flowers of yet another generation. Before we send our sons and daughters and maybe our grandchildren into battle again.
    We must learn to say enough is enough. We can find alternative methods of power and don’t need to invade countries for oil. Half the time the weapons used against us are made and sold by manufacturers in our own countries who don’t discriminate where profit is concerned.
    Let’s honour the dead who fought for our freedom but lets honour the living who don’t want more war cemetaries full of our children.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Thanks, David. I’ll tell you, I really felt the worry when I had a son who was almost old enough for a draft, and we were in the Desert Storm conflict. My mother must have worried herself sick during WWII when she didn’t hear from my brother for quite a while after his aircraft carrier was bombed. As I remember, the Navy put them off on the island of Efete in the Pacific. All he had were the clothes and shoes he had on when he was rescued. The U.S. Navy had a base there. My brother said the rice they had to eat got wormy. I guess he was off rice after that. Huge Hugs back. — Suzanne


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