Lights… camera…

This is about an amazing young man, Nick, written by his mother, Sue Vincent.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

hawk hill nick 026

By day I am a personal assistant. Not a glamorous PA with pad, pen and a nice line in stilettos. No. I’m both carer and mum and in this capacity I have been asked to step outside the normal roles on frequent occasions over the past few years. I might suggest that my son delights in my continual promotion and demotion throughout the day. From one minute to the next I can be anything from cook and bottle-washer to pond maintenance, plumber, odd job person and secretary.

The latest venture may represent a promotion… it is certainly a departure from the norm. Today I became his cameraman.

Not that this is an onerous duty. I could have fun with this, I thought, but no. In fact, I had no say in it at all… I just get to press the button I’m told to press when I’m told to press…

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