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Myths of the Mirror

Nano Final

Well, thank goodness November is over. I just entered my final word count for the month: 61,552 words, about 3/4 of my first draft.

Am I happy? I think so. My brain is numb.

As a newbie to the NaNoWriMo adventure, I didn’t know what to expect. I approached it like I tackle most things in life…jump in with both feet, paddle like mad, and discover I’ve learned to swim by not drowning. I’m panting on the muddy bank after reaching the shore.

What I learned:

1. On the whole, this is an exhausting great experience, and I wouldn’t have written a fraction of these words without the challenge.

2. Preparing the family is key. I think I vacuumed once, did laundry once, and made scrambled eggs for breakfast…once.

3. Love up the spouse/partner – you’re going to owe him or her big-time at the end.

4. Let personal hygiene go…

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2 thoughts on “Nano-Newbie Reports In

    • You’re most welcome, Diana. I don’t know why that image doesn’t come through sometimes. Your original was fine, so readers going to the origianl can see the image. Maybe it has something to do with “my” location. That was a great piece, very funny. Glad to hear you make it. 😀 — Suzanne

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