Super Saiyan 3

This is Nick’s way to forge ahead.

Nick Verron

If something isn’t going your way:

Get angry

If something makes you sad:

Get angry

If something impossible cannot be changed:

Get angry

Anger is a raw and powerful, uncontrollable element. Or it’s supposed to be! Harness it and you’ve got the energy to be able to accomplish things you (and/or others) would normally deem unattainable. If you channel that anger into positive changes to tackle what made you angry in the first place, you can overcome many self-imposed and external restrictions in your life.

It is possible to light a raging fire in your soul, giving you an almost unlimited energy source. Because of the nature of fire being so volatile, it is very easy to let it burn the ones you care about. Avoiding this is a skill in itself, that takes a lot of practice to perfect.

I’ve had so much practice, that I feel confident in…

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