Four Signs they’re Dirty, Rotten Scammers

Important information.

Yvette Carol, Author

How to Protect Yourself. Part 1.


2016 got off to a rocky start. Seven days into January, and I had already fallen victim to a phone scam. Dagnabit!

However, unfortunately, I am not alone.

In the research I’ve done since this “identity theft” happened, I have been truly appalled to find out more about this “growth industry.” 1 in 6 New Zealanders got a call from scammers in the last six months.

My sister, who works as a lawyer in the U.K. tells me the scammers could ruin my credit rating, scam more people through me, and that they will sell my personal details to those dastardly people (my words, not hers!) who compile “sucker lists.” Happy New Year to me!


I’m not an idiot. So, how did this happen? I know, like every other adult who owns a computer or a phone line these days, that you never give…

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6 thoughts on “Four Signs they’re Dirty, Rotten Scammers

    • Thanks, Diana. That would be annoying. We don’t get many of those calls here. I’m surprised we don’t. Someone from my bank asked for a certain number and I told her I don’t give out that information over the phone. Just after that the same bank said the same. I figured that person needed more training. I had called the bank to complain about something so I knew it was the bank. In the U.S., we used to leave our answering machine on. Now there’s voicemail. — Suzanne

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