Believe in Love Birds

Lovely sentiments and music from Nick.

Nick Verron

14576985191_bbcc0569b9_o Love Birds by Nick Verron (click on image to see it hi-res on my Flickr page)

So, it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday. We all know how amazing a thing love is. I’m sure a million people will be reiterating exactly why, so I will not waste your time. All I will say on the subject is:

It’s such an amazing thing when two free and independent souls happen to cross paths; when these two unique individuals inexplicably combine to create something beautiful. If you are lucky enough to currently be experiencing this wondrous phenomenon, treasure it. If you are single, don’t feel sad this Sunday. Instead, look forward to  soon meeting the love of your life! No matter what the causes of you being alone this Valentine’s Day, listen to the following song and hopefully like me, you will smile:

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