The Corner Gas Station

I’m writing this story for the blog, “Teagan’s Books”. Today the subject for the series on the senses is “taste”. The website for this entertaining blog is as follows:


If you ask anyone in Phillipstown where the gas station is you’ll get the same answer for a couple of reasons. Al Pritchard, the owner, was born and raised in this little town and many men, and a couple women worked there while in high school.

“Go to the corner of Main and Cherry,” you’ll hear.

Now the senses of smell and taste work together. If you have a cold, your food tastes like straw. So you might say you not only smell the station’s benzine you taste it.

 If you enter the air-conditioned station building, you also smell food. The place is sealed so tight you can’t smell a hint of gasoline.

Go ahead and take the time to buy and savour the rich taste of a darn good cup of coffee. Maybe your car needs a check or you just drop in to visit with Al in the attached garage.

A few years ago, Al installed a freezer to hold delicious flavors of ice cream treats and a top brand of frozen pizza. The pizza can cook in a  small microwave if you want to eat right away. Sit at a small table against the wall. The taste of the spicy pepperoni, rich tomato sauce, and sweet bell pepper beats the brand sold at the local parlor.

Al also buys homemade baked goods from the widow, Mrs. James. Her donuts and cookies have the rich flavor of home, spicy and not too sweet.

You’ll be glad you stopped by.



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8 thoughts on “The Corner Gas Station

  1. Suzanne, thank you for this warm and delightful story. I’m glad to be old enough (or perhaps from a town small enough) to remember gas stations and other businesses like that — with that homey feeling. So sad that it seems to be a thing of times long past. If there’s a place that’s still like that, I want to move there. 😀 Mega hugs my friend.


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