I’m writing this story for the blog, “Teagan’s Books”. This week the subject for the series on the senses in the final sense of “touch”. The website for this entertaining blog is as follows:


Mable Whittenton hugged her wool coat with its warm fur collar close to her as the cooler winter air swirled around her, chilling her sensitive skin. She looked for her first-class car on the long Orient Express that sat in the Paris station.

Her husband, Eric, was waiting in Istanbul. He was now stationed there as a member of the British Embassy.

Her personal steward, Wilson, recognized her and introduced himself as she stepped on board. He personally directed her to her compartment. She felt relief at receiving such excellent service. His warm smile made her feel at home.

What met her eyes in the compartment was the  smooth Cuban mahogany on the walls and gleaming polished brass lamp and wash basin fixtures. She turned on the hot water faucet and warm water flowed over her fingers. The towels hanging beside the immaculate basin felt soft and fluffy.

Mable sat down on the couch and sank into the soft padded comfort. It would be her bed at night.

Eric and she had only been married a year so she felt a mixture of love and excitement at joining him in Istanbul. As she ran her finger over the engraving on the gold ring, memories of their wedding filled her mind.

Soon Wilson came to direct her to the dining car. There she sat in a comfortable chair at a small table covered with a soft linen cloth. Her tableware was shining French silver, beautiful china plates and bowls, and heavy crystal glassware. The food was exquisite. A feeling of fullness made her sleepy.

Back in her compartment, the couch was now made into a bed with the soft white bed linen and a buoyant but warm blanket. She fell asleep dreaming of meeting with Eric at the end of the line.



Written Act of Kindness Award




    • I read where a new version has been manufactured. Save up your money as it’s probably expensive. I don’t know if its been in operation since the flood of people in those areas trying to escape the fighting in Syria. I’m really glad you liked the story. 🙂 — Suzanne

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