Lake with lily pads and other growth--Erin Leary

Photo Copyright: Erin Leary

Here we are again this week observing and finding a solution to a virtual lake choked with virtual plants. Our hostess this week and every week is the gracious and talented artist and author, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. We’re the Friday Fictioneers, and our challenge this week and every week is to each write an original story with no more than 100 words. It’s supposed to have a beginning, middle, end, and follow the picture prompt provided for the week. This week’s prompt was provided by Erin Leary. Thanks, Erin.

To read the other stories from group members, first click on the link given below, then on the little blue frog in the blue box. The link for the other stories this week is as follows:

Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 100 Words


It’s 2050. The world’s water is squeaky clean and chemical pest control is no longer used. The next step is taken.

The Hepptewith family is just about to munch dinner. Let’s peek over their shoulders.

Ruth Hepptewith deposits the heaped-up  huge bowls of greens on the table.

Little Georgie screws up his face. “Ugh.”

Martha Lynn the perfect child says, “Oh yummy, mummy. I just love kudzu and water hyacinth.”

Dad knows better than to say anything.

The family has taken a pledge to help the environment.

“Alright family,” Ruth says, “let’s all dig in and eat our weeds.”




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Moving On

Jo is back with another great blog.

Jo Robinson

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I didn’t want to share a whole lot of self-pity and grief here, and after today I’m not going to in the future either. It’s been six weeks since Angus passed away, but it feels like a lifetime ago, so much has changed. I’ve discovered that emotions I’ve believed I’ve fully felt before were really just the tips of icebergs, and that sometimes when you fall and think that no one can halt your plummet, and that you’ll never stop going down, that there are hands that will catch you, and hold you tight until you find the strength to stand again. So now here I am – standing again.
I’m not afraid of dying anymore, because now I know for sure that that isn’t the end at all, and I also know without a doubt that after all my years of intellectually studying…

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