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I’m writing this story for the blog “Teagan’s Books”. This week the subject is 3-D. The link for this entertaining blog is as follows:


It all started with Gloria Baker’s little brother Sean’s pop-up book. He loved it and it had pop-up pictures of dinosaurs.

Tomorrow was his birthday and she wanted to get him something special. Her dad had bought a 3-D printer for his home office. She wondered what would happen if she put the pop-up book in the printer. Ben would love a figure of his favorite dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ben was at a friend’s house so it would be a surprise.

It was starting to thunder outside but she would run the machine quickly before the lightening started.

Gloria went to Ben’s bedroom, got the book, and took it to her dad’s office on the ground floor.  Opening the printer lid, she slipped the book into the machine open to the photo she wanted to print. She’d seen her dad do this many times. She pushed the buttons.

The machine began to run. Suddenly lightning hit nearby. The machine shuddered. Scary. It had never done that before. It next made an odd belching noise and a screech came from it, getting louder and louder.

The machine stopped and the lid flew back. Out climbed a Tyrannosaurus Rex the size of the neighbor’s Great Dane. It fastened its gaze on Gloria.

Just then Gloria’s dad, Seth, pulled into the drive in his Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He opened the door and heard screams from the house–Gloria’s screams. It was beginning to rain, hard.

“Now what”, he said out loud. He threw the car door open and ran. Getting to the front door he reached into his pocket for his keys. No keys.

The door swung open and Gloria ran out–still screaming– and crashed into him.

What was that strange musky odor?

He looked inside and there was a Rex in his office doorway.  He grabbed Gloria and rushed her to the car. Its door was open and his keys were on the ground. He shoved her into the front seat, climbed in, and slammed the door.

The front door shuddered and sprung open. The Rex came out, looking around. As the rain splashed onto the Rex’s hide, a strange thing happened. He began to change into off-white, thick plastic.

Just to be safe, Seth called 911 and told them it was an emergency. When they arrived they didn’t know what to think of the large plastic figure of the Rex on the front lawn. How could that harm anyone?



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14 thoughts on “BEWARE THE 3-D PRINTER

  1. Ha ha. Interesting and scary. That technology is still a mystery to me, Suzanne. Fortunately, I don’t think we can reproduce dinosaurs that way yet. They’d be running all over the neighborhood!


    • Thanks, Bun. I’ll have to check my Spam filter. Sometimes they get over-zealous. I had a number of my comments disappearing once. It got so bad I reported it to WordPress. Finally, it stopped happening as fast as it started. I’m really glad you enjoyed the story. I had fun writing one that didn’t limit me to 100 words. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. I’m learning, Bun. I’ve read a number of blogs and through The Story Reading Ape’s blog, I learned about the books and courses by John Yeoman, a U.K. writer. He writes that he has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing, an Oxford MA in Eng. Lit., and an MA by Research in Creative Writing. He writes good fiction books that also teach writing by way of footnotes throughout the pages. I have the ebook copies of Fear of Evil, The Cunning Man, and How Did the Author Do That? I also have ebook copies of his novels Dream of Darkness and The Hog Lane Murders. His books are Elizabethan mysteries. They’re excellent just as short stories and novels, but also, teach by way of the notes throughout. He offers some free lessons and also some paid ones through his Writers’ Village. 🙂 — Suzanne


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