8 thoughts on “#Authors, #Writers, How to get IDEAS Infographic…

  1. Very true. They often find you at the most inconvenient time. I often get inspiration while driving. I’ve actually pulled off the road to make notes before I forgot them. I think we need idea obedience school to teach those silly things how to come when we call them. πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks, Chris. That’s so true. We’re advised to keep a notebook with us at all times. Usually I get my best ideas once I start writing. I’ve got a notebook also for my ideas and have filled three going on four with information from reading I’ve done. Some of the best information I’ve found is from the U.K. writer and teacher, John Yeoman. I have his books in ebook form. His blog is at: http://www.writers-village.org

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      • Ah, thanks for that link, Suzanne. I’ll check that out. I often take a digital recorder with me in the car and just record my ideas on the road (when I remember to take it).


  2. You’re welcome for the link, Chris. That’s an ad for his courses, which are good. His blog is free and the link is at the top of that page. His books are excellent as he puts footnotes for each of the writing tricks he uses such as foreshadowing, scene shifts, character signatures, etc. His books are like writing courses. I’ve learned a lot from them. In ebook form, they’re very inexpensive. He also has a free course and runs contests. πŸ™‚ —- Suzanne


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