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Some great advice to writers from Jo.

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Sometimes you read a book. It hooks you from the first sentence, and just keeps on getting better. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry. It inspires you to do better, or be better. When you reach the final page, you feel like you’ve lost the best friend you ever had. Then you open your own manuscript, and find that suddenly, from nowhere, an ominous lead ball has miraculously appeared in your gut. You could never write like the author who penned the fabulous book that you’ve just finished reading. In fact, your writing sucks. Big time. And there it is. You can’t write at all anymore. Every sentence is fiddled with. Or worse, deleted. And the next few weeks are spent trying to write just as beautifully as the magical creator of that perfect book that you can’t get out of your mind. But it’s no good. You…

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4 thoughts on “Write On

  1. Maam!
    This is the comment I have put there.
    “Write On” I think that is why I am on and am here in the Blog world.
    I sufficiently agree to all your points. But when you publish the written stuff as a book, you never know the reactions of the reader, its maybe you get some stats about it by its sales proceedings.
    Whereas in our Blogs you get to know the reactions and responses from our dear readers as soon as we publish a post, this is something incredible which I am happy and am enjoying.
    Thanks Again.

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