My Deepest Sympathy

To all who have lost loved ones in the recent horrific action of a truck driver in Nice, France, I offer my deepest sympathy.

I cannot fathom the hate, the twisted mind of the man who set out to kill and gravely injure so many people leaving so many others to suffer.

What started as a celebration ended as a black mark on the history of Nice, France, and the world. This has been added to too many other black moments in history.

I can only come to the conclusion this hate has its roots in poverty and lack of a proper education ending in wars and hatred, a lack of humanity. The very word “humanity” is meant to mean humans being kind to other humans. When there’s a lack of it, humans behave worse than wild animals. Indeed, wild animals often show more kindness than humans. Most of them don’t kill out of hatred.

—- Suzanne Joshi


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3 thoughts on “My Deepest Sympathy

  1. It’s so hard to fathom what could possible be going on in the mind of someone who could act in this way. I think you may have identified some of the factors that contributed to it, though. I think poverty and and a feeling of alienation are likely to be part of the problem. 😦

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  2. I think these people become radicalized because they already are outcasts, or feel like they are, and that’s the next step. Also, even though troubled, they are placed back out on the streets to do more damage. I know for a fact in the U.S. a relative has to fight to have a mentally ill person kept in a hospital. On the street, they are a danger to themselves and others. I hate to think how many seriously ill people with dangerous ideas are wandering around. If a relative has to work and can’t afford a caregiver, the person can go anywhere and do anything. I know of one case where the person was hitchhiking twice, picked up by the police twice, and the relative was called at work both times to come to the police station and get him.—- Suzanne


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