My Eulogy

A beautiful eulogy from Kawanee.

When I first met My husband, I didn’t like him very much. He was cocky, arrogant and reminded me of the people in school who bullied me. Two years later, we would meet again and this time, we just clicked.

On our first date in 1989, He asked me if he could kiss me and I said no. He looked a little confused (as if he wasn’t used to hearing “no”) but then he asked me why not. I told him I didn’t like kissing on a first date and that most guys didn’t ask and I thought it was nice that he had. He grinned and said:
“Nice enough to give me a kiss?”
“Nice try buddy!” I laughed; he was just too cute. Then he wanted to know what would have happened if he hadn’t asked. “I guess, I would’ve been kissed…” I shrugged and he stole his…

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