Kawanee’s progress in her words thus far.

Sorry, I haven’t been posting much, I’m still pulling my pieces together trying to find some glue. My old boss and family friend said he was authorized to offer me a job with the new company, I showed up and began filling out paperwork. The job looks interesting and it’s ground floor for something that has huge growth potential. During the discussion of the job, he asked is I felt like I was trapped here and that I was only taking the job because I needed the money.

Well YEAH! Kinda. I mean, I’ve been almost 8 weeks without a paycheck and thanks to some relatives and donations. I’ve managed to keep the lights on and the rent paid. That won’t continue forever and it appears as if the company isn’t coming through on workman’s comp. (or anything else) So I’m pretty hosed at the moment. I’ve got nothing here, no…

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