Photo Copyright: Al Forbes

This story was written for Sunday Photo Fiction–September 18th, 2016.  Each week the host, Al Forbes, provides a picture prompt. The challenge for each member of the group is to write an original story or poem with no more than 200 words, not including the title and inspired by the prompt.

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Genre: Humor Fiction

Word Count: 200 Words


Marilyn had a crush on Wesley. They talked for hours on their cell phones.

“Well,” said her father, “I can’t forbid it as she works part time and pays the bill. It seems harmless.”

The romance started to become more serious when Marilyn wanted Wesley to write notes to her expressing his love. As they didn’t want to formally mail them and be teased they decided to find a place where each one could leave a note so the other person could find it. It also seemed a romantic idea.

They finally decided on a small Chinese ornament standing on a path in the city’s ornamental garden.

It worked well for some months. Marilyn even put perfume on her notes as Wesley said he wanted to feel she was there with him.

One day Marilyn was late in leaving her note. It was two pages and she considered it a work of art. What they didn’t know was the elderly gardener cleaned the outdoor art once a month.

When he brushed inside the ornament, the note fell out. He picked it up and read.

“Wow,” he said, “I guess I still attract the ladies. How about that.”




Written Act of Kindness Award




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