My own place…

Kawanee’s doing a great job getting settled in her new home.

Well, we got our new home, Yippee for not sleeping on mom’s couch anymore! Still working on getting moved in, the move was going great until…. one of my fingers suffered a blowout.

I slammed my fingers in the liftgate on my SUV. X-rays say nothing is broken, but top of one finger is kinda mangled where the blood was forced out of the tip. It’s still bleeding after a couple of days and it hurts like a __________! Will likely end up losing the fingernail.

I’ll post pics as soon as I can. (of the new house and the fingers)

While moving we found a stray kitten, sooooo I now have a pet. 🙂 I thought moving into a new place would be emotional for me, but it was okay until I had to move hubby’s dresser and saw all his clothes that I wasn’t ready to deal with and…

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