Leg and work update:

More about Kawanee.

First the leg… 
Okay, Soooo I didn’t go to the doctor about it.Before you get all poopy-faced about it, I have a good reason why, so hang with me for a moment. I ran into my cousin in a thrift store because, as it turns out, it gets cold here and having lived in Texas and Florida I wasn’t prepared for that. I have no long sleeved shirts that are even remotely suitable for the cold.

Okay, back on track! Anyway, I ran into her and since this is the first time I saw her I showed her my leg. She said her sister had a similar injury last year and that she had went to the ER and was told it was a deep bruise and could take a while to heal. Fast forward to now…her leg is still red, still hurts but not as much and there’s nothing the…

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