Happy Holler Christmas to You!

Fantastic Christmas decorations.

Folks at The Holler celebrate Christmas in a Big Way!
One of our neighbors fills their multiple acre property with hundreds of decorations.
Each year there are more!
Many of them have moving parts. There is a almost life size Santa flown airplane with a runway that lands!
Some are twenty feet tall and the lighted trees are taller!
And this is all done by one Hollerite family!
Christmas is serious out here. I think the coyotes are impressed because they don’t chew the electric cables and coyotes chew EVERYTHING!
To be honest I get the Christmas bug too…..

But not to the same impressive degree!
Happy Holler Christmas to you and yours!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Holler Christmas to You!

  1. My husband was drawn to that Santa airplane inflatable at Home Depot. I explained you can’t just throw that in the middle of an empty yard. It has to be part of a bigger display! He was just joking…I think! But there is a house near us that goes all out and somehow makes it look classy. So many of them just look tacky when they start with the inflatables.


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