Update on my situation

Kawanee is still sad but there are signs of hope.

Thanksgiving was sad… I cooked and put up a tree but that’s all. I was sick and cried.
Hubby’s birthday was Dec 5th… I stayed home. Still sick. Cried…
Christmas was even sadder… thanks to family we had a Christmas. Didn’t feel like having Christmas, really wasn’t my feet enough to get anything, didn’t feel like shopping, didn’t cook… went to my brother’s house. Inlaws were brilliant! They sent gift cards for restaurants, so me and son will get out of the house, and they got us comfy clothes to sit around in. When I was alone, I cried and still sick..
New Years…. cleaned my house, just wanted to sit on my couch and eat pizza and get fat(ter)… Cried… still sick. Worked a bunch of hours.. I think it was 92.. in 2 weeks.

Put in 60 hours last week… will put in 40 this week… working hard, getting…

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