What to Wear?

Teagan on clothes and her magical books.

Teagan's Books

Welcome everyone.  I’m glad the weather does not usually effect our ability to have these virtual visits, but horse-feathers, it’s cold out there!  Or at least it is cold for a lot of us.  The question of what to wear is answered by “A coat!”

Life October 1929Life Magazine, October 1929

Have you guessed that I’m leading into another writing process post?  Some people don’t like “descriptive writing” but I find some level of description helpful, whether I’m writing or reading.  An occasional mention of a character’s clothing can help in several ways.

To me describing a garment is particularly helpful if the story is set in a different era, or an entirely different world.

I enjoyed Robert Jordan’s descriptions of the clothing of the various cultures he built in to the world of his “Wheel of Time” series.  The garments helped define the nationalities. They also helped me keep up with the…

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Contact your elected official: Save the ACA

This is vitally important. The time to act is now.

It’s not too late to , but we need to rally. Call your reps 202-224-3121. If you need it, use a script, like this by :

They are trying to gut the affordable care act. They are holding late night meetings and I need this help right now. I called mine! I explained my situation, spoke from the heart asked yet again for help getting my workman’s comp from hubby’s company. I worked 100 hrs this pay period, I’m not lazy, I’m a new widow… I NEED the help until I get on my feet.

I contacted Boozman and Cotton both.

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Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT THE SORCERER’S GARDEN by @DWallacepeach #Fantasy

A great review for THE SORCERER’S GARDEN by D. Wallace Peach.

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Suzanne, she blogs at https://suzannerogersonfantasyauthor.wordpress.com/

#RBRT Review Team

Suzanne has been reading The Sorcerer’s Garden by D Wallace Peach


My Review

Wow, this was a breath-taking adventure that barely stood still.

I was intrigued by the title and the blurb really stood out for me, anything to do with writing and writers and I’m sold! As I started reading, possibilities whirled through my mind…

The start of the story felt a little over the top in the action sense. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but then I realised this was the start of Cody’s story – his tale of slaying the dragon with his brother. I thought this was very cleverly done by the author. This larger than life action helped to distinguish between Madlyn’s real world and Cody’s work in progress. However, as the story developed everything becomes more complicated for Madalyn and soon the two worlds are colliding and you have no…

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Update on my situation

Kawanee is still sad but there are signs of hope.

Thanksgiving was sad… I cooked and put up a tree but that’s all. I was sick and cried.
Hubby’s birthday was Dec 5th… I stayed home. Still sick. Cried…
Christmas was even sadder… thanks to family we had a Christmas. Didn’t feel like having Christmas, really wasn’t my feet enough to get anything, didn’t feel like shopping, didn’t cook… went to my brother’s house. Inlaws were brilliant! They sent gift cards for restaurants, so me and son will get out of the house, and they got us comfy clothes to sit around in. When I was alone, I cried and still sick..
New Years…. cleaned my house, just wanted to sit on my couch and eat pizza and get fat(ter)… Cried… still sick. Worked a bunch of hours.. I think it was 92.. in 2 weeks.

Put in 60 hours last week… will put in 40 this week… working hard, getting…

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Happy Anniversary & Pip’s Lemon Christmas

Both a great recipe from Suzanne at A Pug in the Kitchen and a great story from Teagan to start the year with.

Teagan's Books

A year ago a very talented chef asked me to share a story at her blog for her blogiversary.  That chef was Suzanne at A Pug in the Kitchen.  My story was Adelle’s Teapot.  We had a great time working together, so I was thrilled when she asked me again for this years blog anniversary (click here).

Since my short story was going to be from the “universe” of my Three Things Serial Story novella, Suzanne went all out researching recipes of the era.  She even made the perfect table and settings!  So I want to begin with her beautiful work and then finish with my little story.  (Suzanne posted this on New Year’s Day, but I saved my reblogging for this weekend.  I’m still blushing about her kind words.)  

young-lucille-ball-pensive-peachYoung Lucille Ball as Pip

Now, here’s Suzanne from her post of last week…

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The Return of the Jurassic

A great interview by Ailsa with Seumas as her guest.

The Bingergread Cottage

aaaaComing back for what is becoming his annual visit, is Seumas Gallacher. In case you missed last year’s chat you can read it here

I hope you found the magic warmth cloak I put on the carpet or you’d have frozen to death. Welcome, Seumas. Lovely to have you back. Get you into the kitchen and keep cozy. No, Cameron isn’t here, so don’t jump like that when the door opens.

Now keep us up to date on your books – how many now? How are they doing?

Well, like that Ol’ Man River, they just keep rollin’ along – five Jack Calder Crime thrillers already on Auntie Amazon, and the sixth, NO IMPUNITY, is a WURK-in-Progress, albeit in-Progress at its own good speed… I continually say I’m happy to see even one single sale from time to time for any of my wee literary babies, but recently, a really…

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…Authoress mate, Carol J. Hedges, she of the coruscating hairstyle, hosts me today on her blog…

Good advice from Seumas

Seumas Gallacher


…one of my special scribbling pals, Authoress, Carol J. Hedges, writes the superbly entertaining Stride and Scullydetective novels, set in Victorian London… if yeez haven’t treated yerselves to a copy of her books, my first recommendation for 2017 is to download her WURK immediately… besides that, she demonstrates immense trepidity by permitting literary itinerant rapscallions such myself to invade her splendid blog, THE PINK SOFA… yeez can follow her on carolhedges.blogspot.com


Carol and I have each individually trodden the self-publishing/house-publishing/back-to-self-publishing trail… here’s my intrusion over there today which speaks to some of that issue…

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The PINK SOFA welcomes Seumas Gallacher

Having seen out 2016 in a blaze of glory which was almost just a blaze owing to some dodgy Christmas lights and a sparkler, the PINK SOFA welcomes its first guest of 2017. Debonair, urbane wit, writer and man about town…

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The letter

Fantastic writing by Steven Baird.

Ordinary Handsome

The letter was written in old-man’s scrawl: small letters, densely packed, in blue ink. The writing was legible, but it made the boy squint. There was little space between the words. They were like boxcars mashing down a hard grade.

You will always miss the mountain. It will aggrieve and chaff you, and your bones will crack under its weight. You will mourn hard when you leave. The stillness is in you, and it will live in you and it will follow you into the darkness. You will leave this mountain in spite because you are young and have an appetite for sidewalks and sit-down restaurants and jazz drifting out of doorways. These are good things, and a boy should know them. He should write them down in his history book. He should feel the trumpet against his lips. He should provoke folks to dance and hoot like their legs…

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Pike Place Paradise~

More beautiful pictures taken by Cindy.

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a browsing, and eating paradise.
Could you resist buying from this cow? I couldn’t. I think the bedazzled pink tennis shoes are an especially nice touch and I think all cows should have them. 🐮🐮🐮
The quantity of stunning flowers, particularly the dahlias, are incredible.
The produce, fish and food stalls, will keep you occupied and eating for hours. Don’t eat before you visit here!
There is a Miss Biggy-Piggy for messages,
and lovely places to eat outdoors and watch the ships sail in to port.
Don’t miss The Giant Shoe Museum (actually you could, but don’t tell anyone I said this).
There are many stalls to explore filled with handmade art like these detailed miniature flowers in their tiny pots (click to enlarge and see the detail).
Cheers to you from the enticing Pikes Place Market~

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