Just Folks Getting By Part 14

Not only a story but a good recipe also.

“Oh Mama, this apple pie is so good.  I never will get this baby weight off if you don’t quit baking pies like this.  I just can’t say no.”  Jenny pushed her plate back.  “I am going to save some out for Ben and freeze the rest if you don’t mind.  It will be wonderful to pull it out for a treat one day.”

“That is a good idea, Jenny, but your weight is coming off real good.  I been here two weeks and I can tell a big difference since then.  Breast-feeding really helps.  After my babies was born, I breastfed as long as I could ’cause some folks said it helped keep from gittin’ another baby too quick.  Didn’t seem like it helped too much, but I guess it might a’helped some.  I got thataway as soon as your daddy got home and had three babies two years…

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Meet Guest Author Paul White…

A great post by author Paul White.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

paul-whiteI often get asked to write about ‘this & that’ for someone else. I get a “can you just…” and such like.

Often I agree, on the premise I have the time to ‘spare from my own work’.

Occasionally this statement is met by an incredulous look.

After all, I am just a writer, aren’t I?

Being a writer means I simply sit about scribbling the odd word onto a sheet of paper, or tap out some nonsense on a keyboard. Clearly, I have time.

After all, I am not doing anything else, am I?

I wonder how many non-writers can conceive what it is to write for a living, especially as an independent author?

Firstly, you must get a basic notion of a story. You must formulate a start point, a middle and have some idea how it will end. Woven between this comes the conflicts and…

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Another update!

An update by Kawanee.

Soooo, I had an eye issue… went to the Emergency Room. I have deep corneal scratches and abrasions. It hurts; a lot… even the meds for it hurts… the pain meds for the pain hurts!  I have a picture, but some people are squeamish and I don’t want to just blast someone with it.

And while I was there I thought, heck… let’s kill 2 birds with 1 stone and have em check the old leg out too. The nurse was angry about the other doctor not doing more,

Her: CLEARLY this isn’t a bruise… what did they do?
Me: they took an xray and that was it.
Her: No MRI or anything?
Me: Nope, told me to take aspirin to diffuse the bruise.
Her: Well, you’re getting one scheduled now. And some antibiotics, it looks like it’s infected in the inner tissue. Should be healed up by now, but…

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When Glowing Pigs Fly!

Another interesting story by Teagan.

Teagan's Books

le-sourire-1926-couple-on-pigDid you know that March 1st is National Pig Day (U.S.A.)?  I didn’t until Madelyn Griffith-Haynie told me.

Meanwhile, author and translator Olga Núñez Miret told me that she’s becoming quite fond of piglets, due in part to the “glowing otherworldly pigs” of Atonement, Tennessee.

(Just a couple of Olga’s books. Click here for Amazon author page.)


So with both of those things in mind, I knew I had to come up with another porcine adventure.  Yet what tale for those twisty tail waggers?

I got off to a good start, but then I got stuck about two-thirds of the way to the finish.  So I went to my trusty jar of “things” and pulled out three bits of paper.3-flying-pig-things

Well, let’s see… Puzzle, bill of sale, and monotony.  Hmmm… I think that just might do the trick.  Here goes!

When Glowing Pigs Fly

A sweet breeze…

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Blood in the Water #FREE This Weekend

A free book from Tim Baker this weekend.


The 89th Academy Awards Ceremony – that’s the Oscars to you and me – will take place this Sunday and in celebration of this momentous occasion I am making my latest novel Blood in the Water available for FREE download all weekend!


What is the connection between Blood in the Water and the Oscars you ask?

Well, in addition to being the basis for a future Best Picture Winner, it has loads of connections!!!

First, the main character in the story is named Bob Oscarson, but he goes by the nickname Oscar.


Not enough for you?

How about this…in the story there are sharks – and as we all know Jaws (a movie about a shark) won 3 Oscars…Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Music. It was also nominated for Best Picture, but lost to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. (Damn you Jack Nicholson).



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A few simple spices

Another excellent and amusing post by Jim Webster

Tallis Steelyard


I confess now that I am not what you might describe as an accomplished cook. There are a few simple dishes I can prepare, toast is one. But my admiration for the person who can cook knows no bounds. Any of these creative geniuses will find me sitting at the table, napkin neatly tucked into my collar. I am not proud, I willingly acknowledge their mastery.

Still it was a picture supplied by Chris Graham which set my memory off down this road. Thanks to him one lady came to mind even after all these years. Tillia Wheeldown. I swear I have never met anybody who had such a subtle touch with herbs and spices. She could take a young pullet, bland but succulent, and she would place something before you that was exquisitely flavoured. I’ve known renowned epicures leave the dining table and burst into the kitchen to kiss…

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Bucolic abandon

Amusing story by Jim Webster

Tallis Steelyard


It has to be said that I may not have mentioned Anald in these jottings of mine. Indeed until Sue Vincent jogged my memory I’d entirely forgotten the incident. Anald was perhaps one of the finest cozeners I have ever had dealings with. A person of immense charm, he had spent nearly twenty years separating the folk of Port Naain and the more civilised parts of Partaan from their hard earned silver. This he did by getting them to purchase elixirs that would leave them younger, more beautiful, more charming, or just richer. Admittedly in the case of the last proud boast it is difficult to see how merely drinking a potion could achieve this, but when Anald explained it, it made perfect sense.

But two decades of this lifestyle had tired him. I remember bumping into him in ‘The Wallop’ on Rotten Staithe where the old canal runs into…

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For readers of the link: https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2017/02/12/sunday-photo-fiction-february-12th-2017/

NOTE: For those wonderful readers of my posts, I’ll be taking about a two-week break from writing them. My husband of 86 had been weakening and was improving slightly and due to come home from the hospital tomorrow, Tuesday.

Yesterday between 9 am and 10 am the doctor called and told me, “he is no more” which is the Indian term for death.  We gathered at the hospital and his relatives were wonderful. They arranged for the cremation and are helping me with the paperwork necessary.

Our children are flying in and so I’m taking off a couple of weeks from blogging. I’m answering email but not writing blogs.

My contest-winning short story was published this month in CQ Magazine. However, they’ve begun charging for subscriptions. I won’t ask anyone to buy a copy. I’ll certainly understand if you don’t. If you want to buy a subscription, the link is as follows:


Thanking you.  —- Suzanne

Good Things Happen to Those Who Hustle—Getting PAID to Write

Some great information and suggestions.

Kristen Lamb's Blog


I know most of you reading this blog have the eventual goal of becoming professional authors who work full-time doing what they love. One thing that vexes me about our industry is everyone is afraid to talk about money, but money makes the world go round. It’s almost as if it’s dirty to want to actually be paid to write.

Which is just B.S.

What we do is highly valuable. Not everyone can do what we do. Think about most people regarding writing.

My class requires a ten-page essay.

OMG! Writing is hard!

I am assigning a twenty page research paper.

Writing is hard!

Write a short story.

Ugh, writing is hard!

Draft a resume and cover letter.

I hate writing. Writing is hard!

“I’m a novelist.”

Really? That’s a job? Writing is easy.


Thing is, we all need to eat and pay the power bill. Sure, the goal is one day the…

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