being an Iranian in the USA right now

How can this be done to people? I’ve met Iranian people and they were warm and friendly. This action is causing problems in all levels of U.S. society.


fullsizerenderiran-2iran-3iran4iran5iran6iran7iran8iran9iran10These images are all mine, please do not use without accrediting. I want to show the actual country of Iran, not the biased, untrue things you see in media.

I’m at a loss for words. Over the course of a week, our situation has gone from terrible to grave. I cannot believe how quickly the world around me is crumbling. Tensions in the world are sensitively high. As of yesterday, I, as a United States citizen, am not allowed to go back to Iran. My first amendment rights are being taken right under my nose. This is only temporary and most people aren’t even disrupted by this, but how about the thousands of people that had tickets to see family, to go on trips, to do what they need to do? And on the contrary? What about the people that are now stuck in Iran and the 6…

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