A few simple spices

Another excellent and amusing post by Jim Webster

Tallis Steelyard


I confess now that I am not what you might describe as an accomplished cook. There are a few simple dishes I can prepare, toast is one. But my admiration for the person who can cook knows no bounds. Any of these creative geniuses will find me sitting at the table, napkin neatly tucked into my collar. I am not proud, I willingly acknowledge their mastery.

Still it was a picture supplied by Chris Graham which set my memory off down this road. Thanks to him one lady came to mind even after all these years. Tillia Wheeldown. I swear I have never met anybody who had such a subtle touch with herbs and spices. She could take a young pullet, bland but succulent, and she would place something before you that was exquisitely flavoured. Iโ€™ve known renowned epicures leave the dining table and burst into the kitchen to kissโ€ฆ

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6 thoughts on “A few simple spices

  1. I used to have a tremendous assortment of spices, but those have dwindled. I don’t cook like I used to. I used to bake my own bread and pastries. These were things I did with my children, but alas, they are all gone and cooking for two isn’t the same.


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