Another update!

An update by Kawanee.

Soooo, I had an eye issue… went to the Emergency Room. I have deep corneal scratches and abrasions. It hurts; a lot… even the meds for it hurts… the pain meds for the pain hurts!  I have a picture, but some people are squeamish and I don’t want to just blast someone with it.

And while I was there I thought, heck… let’s kill 2 birds with 1 stone and have em check the old leg out too. The nurse was angry about the other doctor not doing more,

Her: CLEARLY this isn’t a bruise… what did they do?
Me: they took an xray and that was it.
Her: No MRI or anything?
Me: Nope, told me to take aspirin to diffuse the bruise.
Her: Well, you’re getting one scheduled now. And some antibiotics, it looks like it’s infected in the inner tissue. Should be healed up by now, but…

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