Just Folks Getting By Part 14

Not only a story but a good recipe also.


“Oh Mama, this apple pie is so good.  I never will get this baby weight off if you don’t quit baking pies like this.  I just can’t say no.”  Jenny pushed her plate back.  “I am going to save some out for Ben and freeze the rest if you don’t mind.  It will be wonderful to pull it out for a treat one day.”

“That is a good idea, Jenny, but your weight is coming off real good.  I been here two weeks and I can tell a big difference since then.  Breast-feeding really helps.  After my babies was born, I breastfed as long as I could ’cause some folks said it helped keep from gittin’ another baby too quick.  Didn’t seem like it helped too much, but I guess it might a’helped some.  I got thataway as soon as your daddy got home and had three babies two years…

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