It’s MRI Day! (hopefully) And other news

More news from Kawanee.

I missed a call from them today while at work. I’m scared they are going to tell me I have to cancel for some reason. Will find out in the morning. My eye is doing better, but it still itches and burns when I put the drops in. Looks less zombish tho. *thumbs up*

I got a call yesterday from my insurance telling me they weren’t covering my MRI, called the doc all freaked out and upset. They checked and said: Your provider approved it… I said well X-brand insurance company called and denied it. She said: That’s not your insurance, I show X2-brand insurance. Hmmmmm sooo *is confused* I pull out my cards… turns out X-brand insurance was my DENTAL provider soooo, of course,they denied treatment for my leg…

Anyway I THINK it’s all sorted out, but the call this afternoon is worrisome.

And on top of that:

Crap has hit…

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