Who are the innocent anyway?

Another amusing story by Jim Webster.

Tallis Steelyard


It was Susan who brought Mistress Meena to mind. It happened years ago now, as always I was younger then. But still, she was (and is) an interesting lady. When I first came across her she was a very minor guest at an affair I was assisting at. She appeared, as if from nowhere, a year or two before I start my story, and lived in a pleasant enough house in Dilbrook. It was situated on one of the less fashionable avenues, where frankly I think the houses are nicer, less ostentatious and seem designed more for gracious and comfortable living than display.

It was strange, there seemed to be a group of ladies who were not entirely happy to see her. Nothing was said to her face, but there was some interesting gossip if you stood in the right place and just ‘let your ears flap.’ In the course…

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