Leg Update:

An update from Kawanee.

So I called them back, talked to someone else. I have a blood clot in a superficial vein and I’m supposed to take aspirin for the next 3 months. I also have been told to wrap my leg in an ace bandage, elevate it, and apply heat 4x a day.

HA, when I told them I wanted to stop hurting, the nurse said: We don’t prescribe narcotics… I’m like WOMAN, I said make it stop hurting. I meant FIX it, not give me something to not care about it hurting. Why do they assume I want drugs? They don’t fix the problem.

It’s been wrapped and I’m keeping it elevated as much as I can…. seems to be helping. That’s good! Not sure what they want to do about the skin peeling off, but one step at a time. My insurance sent me a letter saying it was cellulitis… supposedly…

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